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Innovative Fishing Safety Products
from AdamsWW, Inc.

When not catching fish…….your hook should not be catching you or anything else!™

AdamsWW, Inc. believes strongly in this and is “Hooked on Safety™”.

AdamsWW, Inc. designs and manufactures a unique line of hook keeper safety products that attach to a fishing rod or in future can be built onto a fishing rod by rod manufacturers.

Our mission has been to help prevent fish-hook-related injures by offering all fisherman (men, women and children) a unique and safe method of securely storing a single-point, barb hook to the rod while carrying or storing their rod.

Children will gain significant benefit from using our hook keepers since kids tend to pay less attention to where their hooks are due to being caught up in the excitement of being on a fishing trip.

With all these thoughts in mind we created The CATCH “Magnetic” Hook Keeper products. The CATCH products are more than hook holders, they are hook keepers. For example when you're in a boat, taking your wife, son and daughter out to your favorite fishing spot, child safety might not always be foremost in your mind. It is in ours so you can relax just a little bit.

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Easily attachable to your fishing rod, The CATCH replaces the traditional hook keepers installed on fishing rods. It allows the person to safely store their hook(s) rather than place these hooks in a standard keeper, on guides, in reels, or in the rod handle.

The CATCH Hook Keepers are ideal for Tenkara Fly Fishing rods for wrapping your line and storing fly hook.  Let us know at time of order that you are a Tenkara fisherman.

Using The CATCH “Magnetic” Hook Keeper products prevents damage to your expensive, favorite fishing rods and reels as well as yourself, other people, your car or boat seats, the family pet, etc.

The CATCH products safely shield the hook point and barb (or barbless hooks) to prevent tangling when you store multiple rods in a boat, truck, car, RV, garage, lake cabin, etc.

The CATCH products can be placed in two different locations on one rod to hold a Crappie Rig with two hooks (single or treble hook).

Every fishing enthusiast out there has felt the sting of a hooks point or barb when the line loosens up a bit and allows the hook to slip free from their traditional hook keeper or guide.

The high-strength magnet built into The CATCH products provides additional hold of your hook unless you are using a heavy sinker below the hook

Don't turn yourself into a lure. Order The CATCH products, so you can keep yourself, your family and friends safer while enjoying fishing.

The CATCH – Hook Keeper

Attaches anywhere on rod with a neoprene o-ring. Covers point and barb from size 22 (midge) up to a size one (1) hooks. Due to hook sizes, product is used mainly by Fly and Fresh water fishermen.

Product is small and light-weight (with small o-ring total weight is less than 1/10th of an ounce).

Fly fisherman can place The CATCH at upper end of fly rod to store their fly and keep their leader and tippet out while changing steam locations. The CATCH will not interfere with casting (that is an experienced fly caster).

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The CATCH – BIG Hook Keeper

Covers point and barb up to 4/0 hooks (including circle hooks).

Our product is design specifically for use by Fresh water and Salt water fishermen where large hooks are used and/or multiple rods are present on boats (i.e. your own boat, charter, large party and long range boats).

The CATCH – MEGA Hook Keeper

Covers point and barb up to size 9-0 hooks (including circle hooks).

Our product is design specifically for use by Salt water fishermen where large hooks are used and/or multiple rods are present on boats (i.e. your own boat, charter, large party and long range boats).

Coming soon

At AdamsWW, Inc. we are working on new safety devices for slightly different hook keeper applications.

The CATCH – ROD Components

Designed specifically for rod manufacturers and builders to attach to fishing rod like “guides”, that is it will be wrapped and epoxy on rod. Initial product size will cover point and barb up to a size one (1) hooks. The CATCH – BIG ROD Component and MEGA-ROD Component are planned for future.

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