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The Catch InstructionsAttaches anywhere on your rod with a neoprene o-ring. 

The CATCH stays on your rod "all the time

It covers point and barb from size 22 (midge) up to a size one (1) hooks.

Due to hook sizes, The CATCH is used mainly by Fly or Fresh water fishermen but depending on hook size used, it has Salt water applications also.

The CATCH is small and light-weight (with small o-ring total weight is less than 1/10th of an ounce).

The CATCH compact size (0.5"x0.6") attaches easily to Fly or other type fishing rods.

Fly fisherman can place The CATCH at upper edge of fly rod to store their fly and keep their leader and tippet out while changing steam locations. The Catch will not interfere with casting (that is from an experienced fly caster).

Package includes two (2) different size ozone and weather resistant o-rings. Product is compact in size and can be attached anywhere on the rod.

The CATCH shields up to a size one (1) hook point and barb to prevent accidental injuries to adults and children while transporting rod.

The hook, fly or treble is held in place on rod by magnet. Hook is stored inside The CATCH when carrying or storing rod in car, boat, truck, garage, RV, etc. The CATCH can also be used as a line holder by sliding line between product and rod.

The built-in magnet also acts as a temporary hook holder while fishermen tend to their fish by placing the hook anywhere near the magnet.

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